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"Taco Truck" Rally 3/16/2015 7:00 PM
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Dear Friends, We need your help! This may quite possibly be the most entertaining and yummy help you will ever offer, nonetheless, we need you help! Many of you know the Cottam family and Bella’s Fresh Mexican Grill first hand, either through eating at their establishment in Farr West or having your heart raised out of desperation when receiving the news that Joe and Bella’s had agreed/insisted on providing the food for your event or the event of your loved one. Think back on the huge sigh of relief and gratitude that washed over you. With that thought, I would like to invite you to PAY IT FORWARD and join me in a very special evening in support of Bella’s and the Cottam family. Shortly after realizing that AFAF and Bella’s Fresh Mexican Grill were an odd couple and a match made in heaven, Bella’s owner and angel, Joe Cottam began working on plans to purchase a Taco Truck that he could pull to Anything for a Friend events as well as the many other charitable events in the community and safely bring comfort through yummy food to struggling hearts. Many of us have been recipients of this type of comfort and they need help in making this possible. That is where all of us come! We are going to bring all of our ‘thank yous’ together and help the Cottam’s buy the Taco Truck and let this incredibly philanthropic family know that we, as the extended community around them, truly appreciate their selflessness and want to support them in their endeavor to help others. This evening will be a great break from the difficult things that many of you have had to face and just plain hilarious fun that is good, clean entertainment for the entire family. We will be pleased with the one-of-a-kind showmanship of a special and unique entertainer that has been called the “clean Jim Carey”, though I personally think he is funnier! This special guest knows and appreciates all that the Cottam’s and Bella’s has done for others and though he provides entertainment for Fortune 500 companies for thousands of dollars, we get him for an evening! Do not miss this chance to give back to a great family and cause…and laugh your guts out. Thank you for helping Bella’s who have supported so many because we know they will continue to bless the lives of those in need, one taco at a time!

Event Date: March 16th 2015 Event Time: 7pm Location: Shepherd Union Ballroom Weber State University Ogden, UT 84408 Dinner and Show: Dinner provided by the incredible BELLA'S FRESH MEXICAN GRILL Special Guest Entertainer (Touted as the "Clean Jim Carey"--but funnier!)

Adult ticket price: $ 20
Child ticket price: $ 10
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Shepard Union Ballroom

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