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Alan Blood "This Fight isn't Just for the Ladies"
11/14/2015 9:00 AM
Online registration closes 11/13/2015
About the run: Date: November 14th 2015 Time: 9 AM 5K run and Fun Run for the kids Join us after the run for lunch, Live and Silent Auctions, a Kid's Corner, and a special Balloon Launch for Hope! **The registration fee includes a t-shirt. T-shirt is not guaranteed if registration is done after Friday November 6th**
Alan was diagnosed with stage 2b breast cancer in October 2011. After three surgeries, he started a rigorous regimen of "AC+T" chemotherapy. His first treatment was December 1, 2011. His final treatment was on March 8, 2012. Alan was 38 years old when he was originally diagnosed. In August of 2015, Alan developed a persistent dry cough and tenderness in his chest. A PET scan was done and the results showed that his cancer had returned and spread to his lungs, spine, hips, leg, and many other places. Alan is now a stage 4 breast cancer patient undergoing weekly chemotherapy.

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