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5th Annual AFAF F2TF 5K
8/5/2017 8:00 AM
Online registration closes 4/30/2017
Date: August 5th 2017 Time: Same day Registration: 6:30am (Shirts are not guaranteed) Pre-registrants/T-shirts: 7:00am Balloon Launch: 7:45am 5K begins following balloon launch (Between 8:00 and 8:15am)
This is how it will work! We will be holding the 5th annual Anything for a Friend--F2TF 5K on August 5th at Weber State University. *Registration will include race and t-shirt: EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION: $25 per person (Until April 30th) SAVE $5 by June 1st: $30 per person By July 11th: $35 (After July 11th all registrations will receive a general t-shirt) Same day registration: $40, (shirt not guaranteed). A team does not need to be comprised of past or current Anything for a Friend recipients, but is offered to any group wanting to make an expression of love and support. If a team has 25 registrants or more, AFAF will print a team specific t-shirt (i.e. Team “Loved One”) with color specific to the team. Group registration of 24 and under will receive a General Registration t-shirt—Angels and Avengers! The team totals will be displayed at www.anythingforafriend.com, so you will know if you are hitting your goal. See the story behind this 5K at www.anythingforafriend.com as well!

Adult Price: $ 25  per runner
Child Price: $ 25  per runner
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Weber State University--Bell Tower

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Rose Marie Adams
Becky Anderson
Eli Anderson
Isaac Anderson
Justin Anderson
Dean Beaudoin
Heather Beaudoin
Alan Bitner
Brian Bitner
Cami Bitner
David Bitner
Emily Bitner
Henry Bitner
Janie Bitner
Lucas Bitner
Marilyn Bitner
Jake Bott
Kalvin Bott
Korbin Bott
Kae Burden
Becky Cardwell
Dave Cardwell
Brandon Crabtree
Dandara Crabtree
Erika Crabtree
Evelyn Crabtree
Shannell Crabtree
Spencer Crabtree
Alyssa Cram
Cassandra Cram
Isabella Cram
Jason Cram
Austin Cummings
Mallory Cummings
Thomas Darro
Angie Dennis
Elise Dennis
Hyrum Dennis
Lucy Dennis
Morgan Dennis
Sam Dennis
Doyle Egan
Jean Egan
Robert Egan
Shirley Egan
Bill Emmett
Katie Emmett
Lorie Emmett
Kambry Ericksen
Cindy Erikson
Rodd Erikson
Hayes Gordon
Toby Gordon
Tryce Gordon
Amber Hansen
Jess Hansen
Justin Hansen
Karlene Hansen
Kristina Hansen
Anna Holbrook
Callie Holbrook
David Holbrook
Evan Holbrook
Kate Holbrook
Wendy Holbrook
Celeste Horrocks
Dani Horrocks
Koria Horrocks
Logan Horrocks
Scott Horrocks
Spencer Horrocks
Aaron Howard
Austin Howard
Brooklyn Howard
Dallin Howard
Suzette Howard
Bailey James
Becky James
Ellie James
Hadley James
Mont James
Conner Jensen
Kathleen Jensen
Mikall Jensen
Ned Jensen
Teven Jensen
David Jenson
Sheri Jenson
Bill Jeppesen
Mitzi Jeppesen
Braxton Kathan
Krystal Kathan
Leah Kathan
Randee Kathan
Brian Kusuda
Erika Kusuda
Jill Mckinnon
Marshall Mckinnon
Adam Petersen
Andrew Petersen
Annmarie Petersen
Paul Petersen
Barbara Preston
Brett Preston
Harper Preston
Lindsey Preston
Lydia Preston
Patrick Preston
Sloane Preston
Katy Rawlins
Tammy Rawlins
Blake Reneau
Jolene Reneau
Jodi Reza
Blake Richins
Hattie Richins
Natalie Richins
Spencer Richins
Aerial Schofield
Brandalyn Seaman
Jeffrey Seaman
Maryn Seaman
Samantha Seaman
Tate Seaman
Hayley Simmons
Ann Smith
Brady Smith
Carter Smith
Darren Smith
David Smith
Erica Smith
Landon Smith
Michayla Smith
Tanner Smith
Taylor Smith
Judy Steele
Lori Stephens
Makenzie Stephens
Francene Stoker
Jenna Stoker
Theron Stoker
Kailani Uhila
Ethan Walker
Jeff Walker
Jerry Walker
Jessica Walker
Jett Walker
Mauriah Walker
Amy Wilding
Andrew Wilding
Braden Wilding
Brett Wilding
Elaine Wilding
Julie Wilding
Karina Wilding
Russell Wilding
Taylor Wilding
Tommy Wilding
Wallace Wilding
Wendy Wilding
Campbell Wilson
J.D. Wilson
Mindy Wilson
Nash Wilson
Dan Winger
Jackson Winger
Jessica Winger
Kathy Winger
Kendra Winger
Megan Winger