Event Registration

5th Annual AFAF F2TF 5K
8/5/2017 8:00 AM
Online registration closes 8/3/2017
Date: August 5th 2017 Time: Same day Registration: 6:30am (Shirts are not guaranteed) Pre-registrants/T-shirts: 7:00am Balloon Launch: 7:45am 5K begins following balloon launch (Between 8:00 and 8:15am)
THE SHIRTS ARE GONE! WHAT AN INCREDIBLE YEAR!! SEE YOU SATURDAY! YOU CAN REGISTER THE DAY OF AND PICK FROM LEFT OVER SHIRTS IF YOU'D LIKE. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! This is how it will work! We will be holding the 5th annual Anything for a Friend--F2TF 5K on August 5th at Weber State University. *Registration will include race and t-shirt: EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION: $25 per person (Until April 30th) SAVE $5 by June 1st: $30 per person By July 11th: $35 (After July 11th all registrations will receive a general t-shirt) Same day registration: $40, (shirt not guaranteed). A team does not need to be comprised of past or current Anything for a Friend recipients, but is offered to any group wanting to make an expression of love and support. If a team has 25 registrants or more, AFAF will print a team specific t-shirt (i.e. Team “Loved One”) with color specific to the team. Group registration of 24 and under will receive a General Registration t-shirt—Angels and Avengers! The team totals will be displayed at www.anythingforafriend.com, so you will know if you are hitting your goal. See the story behind this 5K at www.anythingforafriend.com as well!

Adult Price: $ 25  per runner
Child Price: $ 25  per runner
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Weber State University--Bell Tower

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Jaylee Adams
Julie Adams
Luke Adams
Oliver Adams
Rose Marie Adams
Sabree Adams
Teresa Aller
James G Alllshouse
Deanne Allshouse
James M Allshouse
Jim Allshouse
Kaylee Allshouse
Nancy Allshouse
Lori Allsop'
Addie Andersen
Brayden Andersen
Conner Andersen
Corbin Andersen
Madeline Andersen
Marc Andersen
Radon Andersen
Tami Andersen
Becky Anderson
Berlin Anderson
Caroline Anderson
Eli Anderson
Heidi Anderson
Isaac Anderson
Justin Anderson
Paisley Anderson
Ashton Arnold
Brian Arnold
Brooks Arnold
Diana Arnold
Drake Arnold
Emily Arnold
Hendrick Arnold
Jax Arnold
Scooter Arnold
Ethan Baker
Lisa Baker
Nadine Bambrough
Brandon Barnes
Braydon Barnes
Breana Barnes
Carli Barnes
Deborah Barnes
Emma Barnes
J.T. Barnes
James Barnes
James R Barnes
Jayden Barnes
Jennifer Barnes
Kyler Barnes
Trisha Barnes
Bryan Baron
Bailey Bateman
Blake Bateman
Monica Bateman
Dave Beach
Dean Beaudoin
Heather Beaudoin
Aspen Beers
Braxton Bell
Cloe' Bell
David Bell
Melissa Bell
Tayson Bell
Teagan Bell
Camry Bennion
Jill Benoit
Randy Benoit
Mykel Beorchia
Emily Berkley
Craig Beus
Dean Beus
Julie Beus
Kelci Beus
Lance Beus
Payden Beus
Verla Beus
Brittany Bialcak
Jessica Bickart
Julie Bickart
Matt Bickart
Mike Bickart
Broady Bird
Courtney Bird
Gracie Bird
Matthew Bird
Wyatt Bird
Alan Bitner
Brian Bitner
Cami Bitner
Carly Bitner
Carol Bitner
Dan Bitner
David Bitner
Emily Bitner
Emma Bitner
Henry Bitner
Janie Bitner
Jenny Bitner
Lane Bitner
Lucas Bitner
Marilyn Bitner
Mary Bitner
Matthew Bitner
Raygan Bitner
Sally Bitner
Tim Bitner
Tyler Bitner
Amber Blackburn
John Bonner
Vannessa Borders
Jake Bott
Kalvin Bott
Korbin Bott
Chris Bowerbank
Joshua Bowerbank
Nathan Bowerbank
Trisha Bowerbank
Joan Bradford
Joshua Bredenberg
Dick Broulim
Vonnie Lue Broulim
Connie Brown
Garth Brown
Ashlynn Browne
Becky Browne
Cambrie Browne
Kyle Browne
Laura Browne
Mike Browne
Quinten Browne
Randy Browne
Trevinn Browne
Natalie Brulotte
Paula Buck
Bridger Buckway
Mckell Buckway
Jeni Buist
Kae Burden
Tiffannie Burton
Bridger Butters
Colter Butters
Danton Butters
Emmersen Butters
Graham Butters
Melanie Butters
Todd Butters
Tysen Butters
Wendee Butters
Kristi Bybee
Isaac Cain
Jake Cain
Karie Cain
Maya Cain
Megan Cain
Ryker Cain
Jacob Capener
Kathryn Capener
Ana Caraballo
Emily Caraballo
Jessenia Caraballo
Karen Carabine
Becky Cardwell
Dave Cardwell
Jean Carlson
Marysue Carlson
Samantha Carlson
Sydney Carlson
Kelly S. Carter
Juli Charlton
Kensley Charlton
Amy Chatfield
Nichole Chatfield
Fred Cheal
Debra Child
Holli Child
Mark Child
Olivia Child
Chelsea Christensen
Cohen Christensen
Ella Christensen
Hallie Christensen
Jen Christensen
Lauren Christensen
Ryan Christensen
Chloe Christy
Sidney Christy
Easton Corbridge
Jason Corbridge
Kaden Corbridge
Tiffany Corbridge
Ty Corbridge
Cyndi Costley
Dan Costley
Sawyer Cottrell
Alissa Cowdin
Finn Cowdin
Grant Cowdin
Mckay Cowdin
Billie Coxey
Phil Coxey
Brandon Crabtree
Dandara Crabtree
Erika Crabtree
Evelyn Crabtree
Shannell Crabtree
Spencer Crabtree
Bailee Cragun
Cam Cragun
Jeanette Cragun
Jennifer Cragun
Keith Cragun
Kody Cragun
Taylor Cragun
Alyssa Cram
Cassandra Cram
Isabella Cram
Jason Cram
Regan Crandall
Brynli Crown
Chansi Crown
Jason Crown
Lisa Crown
Nicole Crown
Rob Crown
Watson Crown
Austin Cummings
Mallory Cummings
Diana Dabell
Thomas Darro
Katie Deaton
Angie Dennis
Elise Dennis
Hyrum Dennis
Lucy Dennis
Morgan Dennis
Sam Dennis
Elizabeth Dennison
Jr Dennison
Aidan Dickerson
Brian Dickerson
Carson Dickerson
Heather Dixon
Jim Dixon
Thomas Dixon
Shelley Dopp
Aria Echols
Lindsey Echols
Ryan Echols
Tyrson Echols
Vincie Edwards
Doyle Egan
Brad Egan
Brenlie Egan
Brent Egan
Carson Egan
Damon Egan
Emilie Egan
Jean Egan
Mikalyn Egan
Phoebe Egan
Robert Egan
Shirley Egan
Clay Ellis
Mylinda Ellis
Brigham Elton
Catie Elton
Christian Elton
Gracee Elton
Jess Elton
Rebekah Elton
Sarah Elton
Bill Emmett
Katie Emmett
Lorie Emmett
Kambry Ericksen
Chad Erikson
Cindy Erikson
Cooper Erikson
Dallin Erikson
Logan Erikson
Malia Erikson
Matthew Erikson
Rebecca Erikson
Rodd Erikson
Ryan Erikson
Tanner Erikson
Trevor Erikson
Tyson Erikson
Wendi Erikson
Justin Ewell
Melissa Ewell
Mike Ewell
Nathan Ewell
Stephanie Ewell
Anita Fadel
Kaly Fadel
Allison Falslev
Evan Fenn
Jade Fenn
Jen Fenn
Stephanie Fenton
Kami Field
Audrey Fish
Austin Fish
Chris Fish
Tyler Fish
Doug Folsom
Teresa Folsom
Alyssa Foutz
Baby Friedli
Charley Friedli
Dakota Friedli
Lindsay Friedli
Navy Friedli
Ryan Friedli
Tessie Friedli
Zach Friedli
Kellie Funk
Kennedy Funk
Savannah Funk
Anastacio Garcia
Cambre Garcia
Jamie Garcia
Rebekka Garcia
Ashlee Gardner
Zachary Gleave
Hayes Gordon
Heather Gordon
Mike Gordon
Roston Gordon
Rowan Gordon
Toby Gordon
Tryce Gordon
Keaton Green
Mandi Green
Indy Groberg
Max Groberg
Mike Groberg
Natalee Groberg
Ozzy Groberg
Paris Groberg
Mick Groll
Ashley Halbash
Kayden Halbash
Kayleigh Halbash
Kyle Halbash
Patricia Hales
Julie Hamilton
Amber Hansen
Jaden Hansen
Jess Hansen
Jodi Hansen
Justin Hansen
Karlene Hansen
Kristina Hansen
Mark Hansen
Presley Hansen
Alisha Hardy
Cohen Hardy
Will Hardy
Josh Harrop
Vanessa Harrop
Heidi Harwood
Pamela Harwood
Sean Harwood
Sienna Harwood
Laurie Hatch
Lyrica Hatch
Sawter Hatch
Tracy Hatch
Josslyn Hausauer
Annie Haviland
Riley Haviland
Jill Hayman
John Henderson
Amy Hendricks
Agusta Henrie
Brian Henrie
Bryan Henrie
Danielle Henrie
Dilon Henrie
Felix Henrie
Lizzie Henrie
Coby Heseltine
Karlie Himle
Sam Himle
Jeff Hinson
Braydan Hipwell
Jenny Hipwell
Jordan Hipwell
Julie Hipwell
Raylee Hipwell
Anna Holbrook
Callie Holbrook
David Holbrook
Evan Holbrook
Kate Holbrook
Lisa Holbrook
Sarah Holbrook
Summer Holbrook
Tom Holbrook
Wendy Holbrook
Celeste Horrocks
Dani Horrocks
Koria Horrocks
Logan Horrocks
Scott Horrocks
Spencer Horrocks
Alecia Horton
Mark Horton
Kaori Hoskins
Keegan Hoskins
Tyler Hoskins
Wendi Houston
Aaron Howard
Austin Howard
Brooklyn Howard
Dallin Howard
Suzette Howard
Marsha Howell
Fiona Hurst
Jake Ildefonso
Mindy Jacobsen
Bailey James
Becky James
Ellie James
Hadley James
Mont James
Brandon Jensen
Conner Jensen
Emma Jensen
Kathleen Jensen
Leann Jensen
Lindsay Jensen
Logan Jensen
Maddie Jensen
Mason Jensen
Mikall Jensen
Ned Jensen
Rachel Jensen
Sophie Jensen
Stacie Jensen
Sydnee Jensen
Teven Jensen
Brent Jenson
David Jenson
Sheri Jenson
Bill Jeppesen
Mitzi Jeppesen
Bianca Johnson
Heather Johnson
Jaeden Johnson
Kelsey Johnson
Lindsay Johnson
Taelynn Johnson
Verity Johnson
Brea Johnston
Halle Johnston
Jace Johnston
Lisa Johnston
Lyla Johnston
Micah Johnston
Presley Johnston
Zac Jolley
Brooke Kap
Jake Kapp
Braxton Kathan
Krystal Kathan
Leah Kathan
Randee Kathan
Lisa Khan
Beth Klaumann
Brian Kusuda
Erika Kusuda
Angel Larsen
Dj Larsen
Molly Larsen
Sarah Larsen
Abigayle Leak
Jason Leak
Livia Leak
Parker Leak
Payton Leak
Tricia Leak
Katie Lee
Lisa Lee
Allyson Lewis
Billy Lewis
Bug Lewis
Candice Lewis
Christi Lewis
Crew Lewis
Indy Lewis
Jesse Lewis
Kellie Lewis
Madison Lewis
Matt Lewis
Milo Lewis
Richard Lewis
Ted Lewis
Zander Lewis
Brynlee Lindsay
Jackson Lindsay
Jacob Lindsay
Jc Lindsay
Sean Lindsay
Ty Lindsay
Katelyn Lloyd
Catherine Lott
Connor Lott
Kimberly Lott
Amy Lucas
Payton Lucas
Crystal Mack
Shelly Madsen
Abraham Maisey
Madeline Maisey
Rockwell Maisey
Scarlett Maisey
Scott Maisey
Tara Maisey
Adrianna Marigoni
Anjelika Mark
Cary Mark
Dakota Mark
Shelley Mark
Aubree Martinez
Michael Martinez
Bob Mason
Haleigh Mason
Leanne Mason
Breeanne Matheson
Jakyri Matue
Nathan Mcconkie
Shannon Mcconkie
Heidi Mccowen
Shadie Mccowen
Emlee Mcgregor
Jill Mckinnon
Marshall Mckinnon
Cristina Mclennon
Hagen Mcswain
Jesse Mcswain
Lindsey Mcswain
Mario Mcswain
Melisa Mcswain
Packer Mcswain
Saylor Mcswain
Aysia Mcwhorter
Mason Mcwhorter
Natalie Mcwhorter
Rusty Mcwhorter
Cooper Mickalosn
Lily Mickalson
Amy Miller
Beckham Miller
Bj Miller
Camryn Miller
Kali Miller
Cheyne Moffett
Dena Moffett
Janice Morgan
Alexia Morris
Jocelyn Morris
Kasenya Morris
Keaton Morris
Makayla Morris
Penny Morris
Steve Morris
Taizia Morris
Mike Morse
Sydnie Morse
Jarime Nance
Makennon Nance
Shancie Nance
Garilyn Nelson
Janica Nelson
Logan Nelson
Gaye Newell
Cami Newey
Karsten Newey
Maclaine Newey
Mark Newey
Ryleigh Newey
Sophie Newey
Greg Nielson
Jordan Nielson
Rachelle Nielson
Vicki Nielson
Erin Nixon
Dana Nye
Bailley Ogles
Becky Okey
Amber Olsen
Andrew Olsen
Araya Ornelas
Kim Ornelas
Linda Osiek
Lesa Pace
Mike Pace
Annette Page
Crue Page
Eden Page
Isaac Page
Jack Page
Lindsay Page
Matt Page
Rachel Page
Ryan Page
Sharee Page
Steve Page
Susan Page
Adrienne Palmer
Bj Parker
Nikki Passey
Sara Passey
Brandon Pence
Cash Pence
Hanna Pence
Jensyn Pence
Kimberly Pence
Olyvia Pence
Riley Pence
Aimee Penland
Alesha Penland
Andrew Penland
Boston Penland
Brady Penland
Chris Penland
Jace Penland
Jennifer Penland
Logan Penland
Luke Penland
Shannalee Penland
Adam Petersen
Andrew Petersen
Annmarie Petersen
Brandon Petersen
Jordan Petersen
Lisa Petersen
Paul Petersen
Jared Peterson
Lisa Peterson
Lucy Q Peterson
Anderson Phelps
Cache Phelps
Gina Phelps
Hayden Phelps
Hughston Phelps
Kassidy Phelps
Kristin Phelps
Mike Phelps
Robert Phelps
Sandy Phelps
Wyatt Phelps
Cameron Phillips
Kaitlyn Phillips
Beckett Pinedo
Greyer Pinedo
Natee Pinedo
Ryan Pinedo
Adam Pratt
Emily Pratt
Barbara Preston
Brett Preston
Harper Preston
Lindsey Preston
Lydia Preston
Patrick Preston
Sloane Preston
Shailee Prince
Madisen Pyper
Hartley Quayle
Jace Quayle
Lindsey Quayle
Griffin Ramsdell
Kenzie Randall
Erik Rawlins
'Karen Rawlins
Katy Rawlins
Scott Rawlins
Tammy Rawlins
Kathy Reese
Blake Reneau
Jolene Reneau
Jodi Reza
Coul Rich
Finley Rich
Kelse Rich
Kylinn Rich
Sienna Rich
Thatcher Rich
Wyatt Rich
Blake Richins
Hattie Richins
Natalie Richins
Spencer Richins
Alyssa Roberts
Nanette Roberts
Steve Roberts
Abigail Robertson
Bridget Robertson
David Robertson
Jill Robertson
Noah Robertson
Ailee Rose
Courtney Rose
Melissa Roundy
Cathy Russon
Holli Sackett
Tess Sackett
Amber Sackolwitz
David Salcido
Victoria Salcido
Tawna Sandberg
Heidi Sanders
Herta Sanders
Michael Sanders
Brittney Schaefermeyer
Natalie Schafer
Nathan Schafer
Bethany Schmucker
Calie Schmucker
Levi Schmucker
Luann Schmucker
Matt Schmucker
Melissa Schmucker
Michelle Schmucker
Mike Schmucker
Rylee Jo Schmucker
Zac Schmucker
Aerial Schofield
Blaine Schofield
Brianna Schofield
Gayla Schofield
Anabel Scrowther
Bill Scrowther
Elizabeth Scrowther
Emily Scrowther
Liam Scrowther
Mary Scrowther
Sam Scrowther
Sarah Scrowther
Brandalyn Seaman
Jeffrey Seaman
Maryn Seaman
Samantha Seaman
Tate Seaman
Garrett Sedgwick
Rachel Sedgwick
Sarah Sedgwick
Alassandra Seyfried
Alivia Shaw
Avery Shaw
Dawson Shaw
Dax Shaw
Drew Shaw
Lanae Shaw
Mandy Shaw
Ryan Shaw
Tom Shaw
Aleah Shiveley
Harrison Shiveley
Marucs Shiveley
Hayley Simmons
Shantel Skeen
Amanda Slater
Chad Slater
Ann Smith
Annie Smith
Barbara Smith
Blake Smith
Brady Smith
Brookie Smith
Carter Smith
Darren Smith
David Smith
Desiree Smith
Ellie Smith
Erica Smith
Gus Smith
Jay Smith
Joshua Smith
Kimi Smith
Landon Smith
Lanny Smith
Max Smith
Michayla Smith
Paula Smith
Quinn Smith
Simone Smith
Tanner Smith
Taylor Smith
Ted Smith
Tug Smith
Joyce Somers
Danielle Sorensen
Diane Sorenson
Eric Sorenson
Hannah Sorenson
John Sorenson
Michael Sorenson
Penny Sorenson
Jason South
Jennifer South
Reggie South
Robby South
Will South
David Spargur
Kay Spargur
Kristin Spencer
Judy Steele
Lori Stephens
Makenzie Stephens
Adrian Stephenson
Jaidyn Stephenson
Jeff Stephenson
Marianne Stephenson
Terran Stephenson
Emily Stevenson
Ashlyn Stockdale
Elaine Stockdale
Jason Stockdale
Jeff Stockdale
Jenna Stockdale
Katelyn Stockdale
Liesa Stockdale
Marie Stockdale
Brooke Stockett
Joanne Stockett
Matthew Stockett
Angie Stoddard
Julie Stoddard
Keith Stoddard
Francene Stoker
Jenna Stoker
Theron Stoker
Kristina Swickard
Scott Swickard
Alex Sword
Herman Sword
Alex Taggart
Brody Taggart
Chase Taggart
Jessica Taggart
Pery Taggart
Adam Taylor
Adison Taylor
Aj Taylor
Cajsa Taylor
Dallas Taylor
Lexi Taylor
Lisa Taylor
Sierra Taylor
Tiffany Taylor
Daniel Tensmeyer
Dave Tensmeyer
Ella Tensmeyer
Flynn Tensmeyer
Gayle Tensmeyer
Holly Tensmeyer
Rosalie Tensmeyer
Barbara Thomas
Cassie Thomas
Chris Thomas
Anna Thompson
Averi Thompson
Brett Thompson
Brian Thompson
Brilee Thompson
Chris Thompson
Christel Thompson
Jamie Thompson
Josh Thompson
Kamilla Thompson
Keaton Thompson
Lanae Thompson
Mary Thompson
Robert Thompson
Sarah Thompson
Shelby Thompson
Stacie Thompson
Tammy Thompson
Todd Thompson
Tracie Thompson
Billy Thorpe
Hadley Thurgood
Jade Thurgood
Violet Thurgood
Jake Tobin
Macklin Tobin
Mandy Tobin
Amanda Torgerson
Ann Tueller
Carson Tueller
Kate Tueller
Paul Tueller
Kailani Uhila
Jessica Urquijo
Kylie Valdez
Chris Vanheusen
Barrett Vest
Michael Vest
Emma Wade
Emily Walker
Ethan Walker
Jeff Walker
Jerry Walker
Jessica Walker
Jett Walker
Matt Walker
Mauriah Walker
Brynlee Wanczyk
Treasure Wanczyk
Carter Ward
Tammy Ward
Trent Ward
Whitney Ward
Derek Webb
Amber Welling
Hailey Wentz
Amy Wilding
Andrew Wilding
Braden Wilding
Brett Wilding
Elaine Wilding
Julie Wilding
Karina Wilding
Russell Wilding
Taylor Wilding
Tommy Wilding
Wallace Wilding
Wendy Wilding
Boston Willard
Kate Willard
Kelli Willard
Luci Willard
Saylor Willard
Shane Willard
Anna Williams
Joshua Williams
Kim Williams
Ashley Wilson
Campbell Wilson
Cody Wilson
Grant Wilson
J.D. Wilson
Kaylie Wilson
Kim Wilson
Marc Wilson
Mindy Wilson
Nash Wilson
Bethany Winger
Dan Winger
Dave Winger
Jackson Winger
Jessica Winger
Kathy Winger
Kendra Winger
Megan Winger
Susan Winger
Zac Winkler
Cinda Winterton
Jodie Winterton
Mary Wolford
Scott Wolford
Sara Woolstenhulme
Steven Woolstenhulme
Abby Wright
Allison Wright
Austin Wright
Dallin Wright
Jonas Yantes
Lucy Yantes
Rachel Yantes
Sydney Young