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7th Annual F2TF 5K
8/3/2019 8:00 AM
Online registration closes 8/3/2019
This is how it will work! We will be holding the 7th annual Anything for a Friend--F2TF 5K on August 3rd at Weber State University. *Registration will include race and t-shirt: EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION: $25 per person (Until May 4th) SAVE $5 by June 1st: $30 per person Regular admission by Monday, July 1st: $35 (After July 1st all registrations will receive a general t-shirt) Same day registration: $40, (shirt not guaranteed). A team does not need to be comprised of past or current Anything for a Friend recipients, but is offered to any group wanting to make an expression of love and support. If a team has 25 registrants or more, AFAF will print a team specific t-shirt (i.e. TEAM "YOUR LOVED ONE") with color specific to the team. Group registration of 24 and under will receive a General Registration t-shirt—Angels and Avengers! The team totals will be displayed on the website so you will know how you are doing on your goal. ***We have a new option this year*** Venmo has come to Anything for a Friend. If you opt for Venmo please follow the link and indicate the Team and the T-shirt size. https://venmo.com/code?user_id=2216887115055104378
Come join us for the 7th Annual F2TF 5K---this is the YEAR OF LIGHT!

Adult Price: $ 25  per runner
Child Price: $ 25  per runner
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Weber State University Stewart Bell Tower

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Corbin Andersen
Madeline Andersen
Radon Andersen
Becky Anderson
Eli Anderson
Hayden Anderson
Isaac Anderson
Justin Anderson
Karla Anderson
Maddison Anderson
Mandi Anderson
Naavah Anderson
Rachelle Anderson
Rhyen Anderson
Ashton Arnold
Brian Arnold
Broox Arnold
Diana Arnold
Drake Arnold
Emily Arnold
Hendrik Arnold
Jax Arnold
Scooter Arnold
Christina Arvidson
Jackson Arvidson
Mckenna Barker
Renee Barker
Steve Barker
Jaxon Barlow
Maddi Barlow
Ashley Barnard
Brandon Barnard
Sophia Barnard
Zoey Barnard
Braydon Barnes
Carli Barnes
Hayleigh Barnes
J.T. Barnes
James Barnes
Kyler Barnes
Trisha Barnes
Golden Barrett
Porter Barrett
Sarah Barrett
Adrianna Bateman
Bailey Bateman
Blake Bateman
Monica Bateman
Bryce Beazer
Denise Beazer
Lisa Bindrup
Madison Bindrup
Monica Bingham
Dean Birt
Glenda Birt
Alan Bitner
Cami Bitner
Chase Bitner
Dan Bitner
David Bitner
Emily Bitner
Henry Bitner
Janie Bitner
Karli Bitner
Lucas Bitner
Marilyn Bitner
Marlee Bitner
Mason Bitner
Jacob Bott
Jaidyn Bott
Kalvin Bott
Korbin Bott
Ashlee Boyson
Scott Boyson
Hadley Bredenberg
Joshua Bredenberg
Bodee Brown
Bryan Brown
Kara Brown
Porter Brown
Kae Burden
Jason Burrow
Madeline Burrow
Rachel Burrow
Duane Burton
Nancy Burton
Bridger Butters
Colter Butters
Danton Butters
Wendee Butters
Shalee Carter
Barbara Casey
Katie Casey
Kylee Casey
Michael Casey
Beau Chatlin
Bleu Chatlin
Cora Chatlin
Lorie Chatlin
Mark Chatlin
Cole Cheney
Courtney Cheney
Kelly Cheney
Wayne Cheney
Chelsea Christensen
Cohen Christensen
Dustin Christensen
Ella Christensen
Hallie Christensen
Lauren Christensen
Ryan Christensen
Brynja Christenson
Ronald Christenson
Chris Christiansen
Nicole Christiansen
Tyece Christiansen
Zeagin Christiansen
Trisha Clayton
Cindy Clough
Paul Clough
Blake Coates
Karen Coates
Becky Condiff
Amy Cook
Kevin Cook
Little 1 Cook
Little 2 Cook
Little 3 Cook
Little 4 Cook
Russ Cook
Sue Cook
Bailey Corrigan
Bostyn Corrigan
Kaleeya Corrigan
Teage Corrigan
Tytus Corrigan
Amanda Cosper
Dax Cosper
Oaklie’ Cosper
Joe Cottam
Alissa Cowdin
Finn Cowdin
Grant Cowdin
Mckay Cowdin
Bailee Cragun
Cam Cragun
Cameron Cragun
Jen Cragun
Jenn Cragun
Jennifer Cragun
Keith Cragun
Kody Cragun
Taylor Cragun
Alyssa Cram
Cassandra Cram
Isabella Cram
Jason Cram
Jace Craven
Shannon Craven
Jamie Craythorn
Little 1 Craythorn
Little 2 Craythorn
Paul Craythorn
Austin Cummings
Mallory Cummings
Ella Dawson
Hannah Dawson
Luke Dawson
Mady Dawson
Spring Dawson
Tracy Dawson
Braden Delgado
Angela Dennis
Elise Dennis
Hyrum Dennis
Lucy Dennis
Morgan Dennis
Peter Dennis
Samuel Dennis
Allyx Derrick
Jordan Derrick
Tawnya Derrick
Todd Derrick
Emily Dixon
Erin Dixon
Genevieve Dixon
Geoffrey Dixon
Jim Dixon
Aiden Durbano
Brian Durbano
Lori Durbano
Macen Durbano
Heather Dustin
Jean Egan
Robert Egan
Clay Ellis
Mylinda Ellis
Amy Erikson
Dallin Erikson
Kathy Erikson
Malia Erikson
Parker Erikson
Rebecca Erikson
Todd Erikson
Trevor Erikson
Tyson Erikson
Carlos Espinoza
Justin Ewell
Melissa Ewell
Mike Ewell
Nathan Ewell
Stephanie Ewell
Anita Fadel
Kaly Fadel
Alyssa Fawcett
Brinley Field
Ernie Field
Jeani Field
Audrey Fish
Austin Fish
Chris Fish
Tyler Fish
Jordan Gibson
Whitney Goeckeritz
Heather Gordon
Mike Gordon
Roston Gordon
Rowan Gordon
Andrea Gouff
Bobby Gouff
Darren Gouff
Everett Gouff
Jeremy Gouff
Rj Gouff
Rod Gouff
Sam Gouff
Sydney Gouff
Cory Groves
Tina Groves
Jason Gubler
Kaeley Gubler
Karlee Gubler
Linda Gubler
Christian Gutierrez
Brooke Hachtel
Ed Hachtel
Ashley Halbash
Kayden Halbash
Kayleigh Halbash
Kyle Halbash
Bridger Hammon
Courtney Hammon
Danny Hammon
Jacee Hammon
Kylie Hammon
Levi Hammon
Keely Harper
Jake Hasler
Kalynn Hasler
Lance Hatch
Lilli Hatch
Josslyn Hausauer
Spencer Havey
Greg Havranek
Jackie Havranek
Agusta Henrie
Brian Henrie
Britni Henrie
Caycee Henrie
Dilon Henrie
Elizabeth Henrie
Felix Henrie
Braydan Hipwell
Jenny Hipwell
Jordan Hipwell
Julie Hipwell
Ty Hipwell
Aaron Hoggan
Dara Hoggan
David Hoggan
Deann Hoggan
Sarah Hoggan
Shay Hoggan
Anna Holbrook
Callie Holbrook
David Holbrook
Evan Holbrook
Jennifer Holbrook
Kate Holbrook
Lisa Holbrook
Sarah Holbrook
Summer Holbrook
Thomas Holbrook
Wendy Holbrook
Zach Holbrook
Amy Horstmann
Tony Horstmann
Brianna Hoskins
Becky Hunsaker
Nicole Hyte
Paige Iverson
Abbie Jensen
David Jenson
Sheri Jenson
Bill Jeppesen
Mitzi Jeppesen
Zac Jolley
Bonni Jones
Jennifer Jones
Nicole Jones
Rex Jones
Teresa Jones
Trent Jones
Hoskins Kaori
Alex Kay
Garrett Kay
Jex Kay
Krystalyn Kay
Michael Kay
Rachel Kay
Hoskins Keegan
Zoey Kiesz
Jared King
Kristen King
Peggy Lechman
Billy Lewis
Christi Lewis
Jesse Lewis
Matthew Lewis
Addison Lindley
Brody Little
Janalee Little
Stephanie Little
Kimberly Low
Amy Lucas
Payton Lucas
Skylar Lucas
Tamara Maier
Deja Mckinnon
Suzie Moore
Michele Morrill
Sydnie Morse
Garilyn Nelson
Janica Nelson
Logan Nelson
Autumn Newey
Cami Newey
Karsten Newey
Mac Newey
Mark Newey
Ryleigh Newey
Sophie Newey
Mike Nielsen
Alexis Olsen
Mckenzi Olsen
Kim Ornelas
Jack Page
Lindsay Page
Ryan Page
David Park
Cory Pease
Noelle Pease
Brandon Pence
Cash Pence
Hanna Pence
Jensyn Pence
Kimberly Pence
Olyvia Pence
Regan Pence
Riley Pence
Aimee Penland
Brady Penland
Jace Penland
Jennifer Penland
Logan Penland
Luke Penland
Grace Perkins
Jake Perkins
Riley Perkins
Sariah Perkins
Anabel Petersen
Annmarie Petersen
Becky Petersen
Brenda Petersen
Elsa Petersen
Nathan Petersen
Russell Petersen
Barrett Peterson
Ron Peterson
Scooter Peterson
Sue Peterson
Sandy Phelp
Harper Phillips
Kaitlyn Phillips
Aidan Porter
Ethan Porter
Glen Porter
Kanan Porter
Kelan Porter
Logan Porter
Makena Porter
Sara Porter
Brett Preston
Harper Preston
Lindsey Preston
Lydia Preston
Sloane Preston
Brooke Pruitt
Easton Pruitt
J.R. Pruitt
Kaydance Pruitt
Noilani Quinney
Alex Quintana
Laura Quintana
Jodi Reza
Frank Richards
Chad Ritter
Dennis Ritter
Genevieve Ritter
Suzanne Ritter
Tamra Ritter
Whitnee Ritter
Alyssa Roberts
Nanette Roberts
Steve Roberts
Abigail Robertson
Bridget Robertson
David Robertson
Jill Robertson
Noah Robertson
Scottie Robertson
Brighton Rogers
Misti Rogers
Payton Rogers
Ryan Rogers
Taygon Rogers
Ailee Rose
Callie Rose
Courtney Rose
Kaseten Rose
Kelsey Ross
Melissa Roundy
Hailey Roybal
Ryan Roybal
Virginia Roybal
Dave Schlack
Debbie Schlack
Aerial Schofield
Ryan Schroader
Alice Searle
Bryson Searle
Collin Searle
Evi Searle
Kait Searle
Kassie Searle
Norah Searle
Will Searle
Garrett Sedgwick
Nora Sedgwick
Rachel Sedgwick
Sarah Sedgwick
Alassandra Seyfried
Brewster Shears
Monica Shears
Noah Shears
Presley Shears
Britney Shepherd
Gabbi Shepherd
Mia Shepherd
Erin Simmons
Hayley Simmons
Becky Sloan
Bridger Sloan
Jim Sloan
Sadie Sloan
Barbara Smith
Blaine Smith
Brenda Smith
Brock Smith
Chase Smith
Jaxon Smith
Lanny Smith
Maddie Smith
Diane Sorenson
Eric Sorenson
Hannah Sorenson
Michael Sorenson
Penny Sorenson
Vanessa Sorenson
Bryce Southworth
Jackie Southworth
Kristin Spencer
Summer Steed
Michelle Steele
Makaela Sterle
Nate Sterle
Jake Stevenson
Max Stevenson
Melissa Stevenson
Zoe Stevenson
Brooke Stockett
Joanne Stockett
Camron Talbot
Dillon Talbot
Jason Talbot
Karen Talbot
Tyson Talbot
Bentley Tanner
Anna Thompson
Averi Thompson
Chris Thompson
Christel Thompson
Josh Thompson
Kamilla Thompson
Keaton Thompson
Lanae Thompson
Mary Thompson
Robert Thompson
Sarah Thompson
Bethany Thorpe
Billy Thorpe
Noelle Thorstensen
Jake Tobin
Macklin Tobin
Mandy Tobin
Kristine Tracy
Corey Tremelling
Deon Tremelling
Hoskins Tyler
Kailani Uhila
Benson Ulm
Rachel Ulm
Brian Vaden
Ambree Valentine
Brielle Valentine
Brylee Valentine
Toree Valentine
Angie Vasquez
Barrett Vest
Michael Vest
Havyn Marie Wahlen
Heather Wahlen
Cindy Walker
Emily Walker
Katie Walker
Liesa Walker
Taylor Walker
Jon Walter
Joseph Walter
Julie Walter
Lizzy Walter
Rachel Walter
Sam Walter
Mark Wayment
Debbie Webber
Domiinic Wegelin
Granthony Wegelin
Jennifer Wegelin
Oliver Wegelin
Becky Weisner
Amber Welling
Art Weloth
Cindy Weloth
Alice Welsh
Bryan Wendt
Andy White
Ryan Wild
Russ Wilding
Wendy Wilding
Missy Williams
Weston Williams
Mindy Wilson
Dan Winger
Dave Winger
Jackson Winger
Jessica Winger
Kathy Winger
Kendra Winger
Megan Winger
Susan Winger
Mary Wolford
Scott Wolford
Peter Woolstenhulme
Sara Woolstenhulme
Steven Woolstenhulme
Allison Wright
Austin Wright