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8th Annual AFAF F2TF 5K
8/1/2020 8:00 AM
Online registration closes 7/7/2020
The 5K will take place on the 1st of August in various locations; special locations. Your team's captain will receive a message to play for all of you before you start your race and after that...after that we show what it really means to do ANYTHING FOR A FRIEND by FIGHTING 2 THE FINISH of our current situation. We join you in BELIEVING that this will be the best race so far! Thank you for your ANYTHING and BELIEVE! This is how it will work! We will be holding the 8th annual Anything for a Friend--F2TF 5K on August 1st at a location of your choice! *Registration will include t-shirt: REGISTRATION: $25 per individual over 12 and $10 per child 12 and under (Until July 6th) After July 6th all registrations will receive a general t-shirt A team does not need to be comprised of past or current Anything for a Friend recipients, but is offered to any group wanting to make an expression of love and support. If a team has 25 registrants or more, AFAF will print a team specific t-shirt (i.e. TEAM “LOVED ONE”) with color specific to the team. Group registration of 24 and under will receive a General Registration t-shirt—Angels and Avengers! The team totals will be displayed on the website so you will know if you are hitting your goal.
On August 1st 2020, you will gather in your team with your Trail of Hope poster. Take a group photo and post it with the #F2TF5K and #Anythingforafriend2020. Listen to the video message and begin your 5K. Be sure to post all of your pics with the #F2TF5K and #Anythingforafriend2020. We have several community sponsors who are helping us with prices for hashtag contest winners (details to follow). You can also register using Venmo: (Please leave name, team, and t-shirt size for each registrant) https://venmo.com/code?user_id=2216887115055104378

Adult Price: $ 25  per runner
Child Price: $ 10  per runner
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Carlee Anderson
Carter Anderson
Cathy Anderson
Cooper Anderson
Maddie Anderson
Elisa Andrews
Janice Baetge
Jaxon Barlow
Maddi Barlow
Adrianna Bateman
Bailey Bateman
Blake Bateman
Monica Bateman
Bryce Beazer
Denise Beazer
Annie Bennett
Brett Bennett
Brogan Bennett
Dace Bennett
Ridge Bennett
Sadie Bennett
Monica Bingham
Jacob Bott
Jaidyn Bott
Kalvin Bott
Korbin Bott
Bodee Brown
Bryan Brown
Karalyn Brown
Baylee Browning
Hunter Browning
Jason Burrow
Madeline Burrow
Rachel Burrow
Bridger Butters
Colter Butters
Danton Butters
Wendee Butters
Jacob Capener
Kathryn Capener
Kelly Carter
Josh Chandler
Kelli Chandler
Sam Chandler
Will Chandler
Cole Cheney
Courtney Cheney
Kelly Cheney
Wayne Cheney
Chelsea Christensen
Cohen Christensen
Ella Christensen
Hallie Christensen
Lauren Christensen
Ryan Christensen
Kim Coatney
Olivia Coatney
Spencer Coatney
Hailey Cook
Kevin Cook
Maddie Cook
Mary Cook
Sue Cook
Kaden Corbridge
Jace Craven
Shannon Craven
Cheyna Crosby
Clark Crosby
Mark Crosby
Pati Crosby
Tyler Crosby
Braden Delgado
Allyx Derrick
Jordan Derrick
Tawnya Derrick
Todd Derrick
Fabrice Dufour
Gavin Dufour
Sarah Dufour
Michael Earlewine
Michele Earlewine
Colby Egginton
Michael Egginton
Parker Egginton
Sawyer Egginton
Veronika Egginton
Chad Erikson
Cooper Erikson
Henlie Erikson
Ikaika Erikson
Kekoa Erikson
Kenzie Erikson
Malia Erikson
Matthew Erikson
Tanner Erikson
Tyson Erikson
Wendi Erikson
Becky Espinoza
Carlos Espinoza
Justin Ewell
Melissa Ewell
Mike Ewell
Nathan Ewell
Stephanie Ewell
Adam Field
Becky Field
Blake Field
Brinley Field
Ernie Field
Jake Field
Jaxson Field
Jayda Field
Jeani Field
Kenna Field
Lexy Field
Stephanie Field
Audrey Fish
Austin Fish
Chris Fish
Tyler Fish
Jacci Florence
Kim Florence
Brandon Garrett
Brittany Garrett
Grace Garrett
Jan Garrett
Sydney Garrett
Cohen Grant
Chong Gutierrez
Brooke Hachtel
Ed Hachtel
Hannah Hall
Heather Hall
Kayleen Hall
Richard Hall
Kellie Hansen
Sandy Hansen
Josslyn Hausauer
Elyse Haviland
Lizzie Hawkes
Millie Hawkes
Natalie Hawkes
Russell Hawkes
Thomas Hawkes
Tyler Hawkes
Bryan Henrie
Danielle Henrie
Eli Henrie
Jacob Hillier
Monica Hillier
Rhiannon Hillier
Tom Hillier
David Hoggan
Deann Hoggan
Anna Holbrook
Callie Holbrook
David Holbrook
Evan Holbrook
Jennifer Holbrook
Kate Holbrook
Lisa Holbrook
Sarah Holbrook
Summer Holbrook
Thomas Holbrook
Wendy Holbrook
Chad Hughes
Rachel Ilm
Brian Jeffers
Devyn Jeffers
Jessy Jeffers
Kambri Jeffers
Ray Jeffers
Raymond Jeffers
Abbie Jensen
Jan Jensen
David Jenson
Sheri Jenson
Bill Jeppesen
Mitzi Jeppesen
Calvin Johnson
Hunter Johnson
Megan Johnson
Tracy Johnson
Zac Jolley
Kaden Kartchner
Morgan Kartchner
Jared King
Kristen King
Wyatt King
Brian Kusuda
Caleb Kusuda
Clara Kusuda
Erika Kusuda
Hadlee Kusuda
Angel Larsen
Dj Larsen
Jim Larsen
Molly Larsen
Sarah Larsen
Brianne Lasota
Dawson Lasota
Jackson Lasota
Jeff Lasota
Matt Lasota
Russ Lasota
Sherry Lasota
Tyson Lasota
Whitney Lasota
Tammy Lawrence
Amy Lawson
Deacon Lawson
Ken Lawson
Toby Lawson
Addie Lindley
Stephanie Little
Tamara Maier
Tom Maier
Barb Matson
Juliet Matson
Deja Mckinnon
Justin Mckinnon
Karl Mcmillan
Lois Mcmillan
Greysen Mecham
Kira Mecham
Troy Mecham
Gaye Newell
Cami Newey
Karsten Newey
Mac Newey
Mark Newey
Ryleigh Newey
Sophie Newey
Araya Ornelas
Gaby Ornelas
Kim Ornelas
Chris Oxley
Doug Page
Emily Page
Megan Parker
Nathan Parker
Brenda Petersen
Harper Phillips
Kaitlyn Phillips
Canyon Pilling
David Pilling
Jenny Pilling
Matthew Pilling
Michele Pilling
Noah Pilling
Glen Porter
Makena Porter
Kay Richards
Chad Ritter
Chase Ritter
Dennis Ritter
Samantha Ritter
Sloane Ritter
Suzanne Ritter
Tamra Ritter
Whitnee Ritter
Nanette Roberts
Steve Roberts
Corinne Robison
Jayda Robison
Melissa Robison
Alisa Roybal
Beverly Roybal
Castor Roybal
Ron Roybal
Jordan Saleh
Tori Sams
Aerial Schofield
Bart Schofield
Blaine Schofield
Gage Schofield
Gavin Schofield
Jill Schofield
Mckaybri Schofield
Alassandra Seyfried
Brewster Shears
Monica Shears
Noah Shears
Presley Shears
Abbie Simmons
Erin Simmons
Ann Smith
Barbara Smith
Blaine Smith
Brenda Smith
Brock Smith
Chase Smith
Courtney Smith
Darren Smith
Emmie Smith
Jaxon Smith
Lanny Smith
Maddie Smith
Tanner Smith
Taylor Smith
Adam Sorenson
Eric Sorenson
Hannah Sorenson
Michael Sorenson
Penny Sorenson
Vanessa Sorenson
Bryce Southworth
Jackie Southworth
Kristin Spencer
Amber Steinfeldt
Aubrey Steinfeldt
Brooke Steinfeldt
Hailey Steinfeldt
Matt Steinfeldt
Sammi Steinfeldt
Ashlyn Stockdale
Elaine Stockdale
Jason Stockdale
Jeff Stockdale
Jenna Stockdale
Katelyn Stockdale
Liesa Stockdale
Marie Stockdale
Bentley Tanner
Siera Taylor
Brady Thompson
Colbie Thompson
Evie Thompson
Lanae Thompson
Melissa Thompson
Gerry Trelease
Larsen Trelease
Leslie Trelease
Morgan Trellease
Benson Ulm
Bart Vale
Barrett Vest
Malia Vest
Michael Vest
Annette Walker
Emily Walker
Katie Walker
Matt Walker
Steve Walker
Christine Warren
Becky Wayment
Mark Wayment
Addison White
Alivia White
Cassie White
David White
Debbie White
Elaine White
Kay White
Todd White
Wes White
Heather Wilder
Hunter Wilder
Marie Wilder
Ryab Wilder
Mindy Wilson
Dan Winger
Dave Winger
Jackson Winger
Jessica Winger
Kathy Winger
Kendra Winger
Megan Winger
Susan J Winger
Taytlin Winger
Peter Woolstenhulme
Rebecca Woolstenhulme
Sara Woolstenhulme
Steven Woolstenhulme
Alyson Young
Brielle Young
Craig Young
Greyson Young
Teegan Young