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Giving Tree Link For Morgan Marietti
Morgan Marietti is a 31-year-old, who is a lover of life and people. Morgan has a commitment to her community through coaching/inspiring young female athletes in the sport of ice hockey and is a proud member of the Junior League. Morgan works as a Control Strategic Partner for the American Cancer Society. She is a huge advocate for people battling cancer! Her life has recently taken a very unexpected detour. In August Morgan was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma. This is a very rare cancer and will require extensive treatment. In true Morgan fashion, she is taking on this challenge with grace, a positive attitude and a fierce fighting spirit. What can we do to help????? That is a constant question posed by all with loved ones who face adversity and hardship. So, so, many have asked what can we do for Morgan. Morgan's Greatest Adventure The BEST NEWS ever!! Surgery Day- No more needle sticks! A day of tests, including the BIG ONE Cryopreservation 101 The BEST NEWS ever!! Posted: 05 Sep 2020 12:03 PM PDT It was Wednesday afternoon, I was recovering from anesthesia. AKA sawing logs on the couch! 😴 And Dr. Chalmers called. I immediately cleared my throat and jumped up to answer. She checked in on me regarding my port placement and said she had a couple other things to go over, this included my pet scan and my fertility preservation possibility. First she told me that WE ARE GOOD TO GO WITH FERTILITY PRESERVATION!!! HELL YESSS!!!!!!! Second she informed me that we've determined that my right lung is my primary site of my tumor!!!!! (no metastasis as of now!) HELL YESSS TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness you guys, I have no words. I am speechless, thank you universe!!!! And THANK YOU to each and every one of you for your prayers, positive vibes, whatever you choose to call it! It is working!!! Freaking THANK YOU!! Yes, yes yes!! Please keep them coming!!! PS- I will NEVER forget calling my parents with this news! My mom cried the cutest tears of joy and I've never heard my dad express so much excitement in my entire life!!!!! THIS is the sign I/we needed!!!! Forever Grateful, Morgan
9/6/2020 8:00 PM
Giving Tree Link for Kimber Christensen
Thank you for making a donation to Kimber Christensen's Giving Tree!
8/7/2020 11:00 AM
Memorial Fund for Megan Jones
It is a sad day in the Anything for a Friend family as we say good-bye to a true warrior. Megan said good-bye to the pain of this world on the 1st of July 2020. In life we all knew her as a super hero and now we know that super hero has wings. Rest now sweet friend!
7/2/2020 8:00 AM
8th Annual AFAF F2TF 5K
On August 1st 2020, you will gather in your team with your Trail of Hope poster. Take a group photo and post it with the #F2TF5K and #Anythingforafriend2020. Listen to the video message and begin your 5K. Be sure to post all of your pics with the #F2TF5K and #Anythingforafriend2020. We have several community sponsors who are helping us with prices for hashtag contest winners (details to follow). You can also register using Venmo: (Please leave name, team, and t-shirt size for each registrant) https://venmo.com/code?user_id=2216887115055104378
8/1/2020 8:00 AM