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Sharing for Shannon
Meet Shannon and her family. She is loved by many and full of life. She has always been athletic and has a passion for life. She grew up with 4 brothers and can hold her own. She fiercely loyal, strong, confident and courageous. She is not afraid to take on anything and she never backs away from a fight. But she also has a beautiful artistic tender side that helps her make the world around her a beautiful place. She has just begun to develop her talents in gardening and making her house a home to raise her her new baby. In September 2017 Shannon was diagnosed with a brain tumor 3 short weeks after delivering her first baby, a beautiful daughter, Lydia. She immediately had surgery to remove it. What the doctors found was an evasive mass. They were unable to remove all of it. Shannon was told it was a stage 4 Glioblastoma tumor and even with chemotherapy and radiation there was a 0% chance of survival. At most she had 12 months to live. With that devastating news Shannon decided to enjoy whatever time she had left with Lydia and Josh. In December 2017 the symptoms the doctors said would become more prevalent as the cancer progressed had started to show. Headaches, tiredness and memory loss being just the beginning of the downward spiral. This pushed her to look for a solution instead of accepting her fate leading her to find a treatment center that will accept her and giver her hope for a better chance at a future. Causenta Wellness Center in Arizona treats cancer by measuring bio chemical details to discover the root cause of the cancer. The have research and information from all over the world. They will work to personalize a treatment plan that will maximize Shannon's natural ability to fight cancer. They have a high success rate with Glioblastoma patients. But we need your help so Shannon can be given this opportunity. The cost of the initial treatment is enormous as well as the continued treatment she will need. Insurance will not cover any of it because it is an unconventional, state of the art program. Leaving Shannon and her family to shoulder this financial burden alone. Shannon is a fighter and has so much still to give in this world, but she cannot win this fight alone. She has many people who love her and are ready to step up and help her in any way they can. We all want to give her the chance to see Lydia grow.
4/28/2018 12:00 PM
Carmel Prows Dinner
Bella's Fresh Mexican Grill is generously donating the food for the event. The cost for Bella's (adult) will be $10/plate. We will also have hot dogs, drinks, and snow cones (mostly for the kids) and they will be available out in the Kid's Corner. The cost for the combo of Kid's Corner and lunch is $7 (that includes their lunch and the wristband for the Kid's Corner). Thank you all for your help!
3/10/2018 12:00 PM
6th Annual AFAF F2TF 5K
FRIENDS OLD AND NEW: Many of you will be returning for the 6th Annual Anything for a Friend F2TF 5k. Returners are well aware of the story that brought this all together, but for those of you that are new, we would love to share the special story behind why we are doing what we are doing and the uniqueness of this 5k. HISTORY: 6 years ago this coming May, this world lost a unique and special person and his name was Tyler Smith, he was only 15 years old when he died. Tyler waged a battle with an adult liver cancer that literally strikes one in a million kids. He was truly one in a million! F2TF (Fight to the Finish) was Tyler’s mantra right from the beginning of his battle and has become part of his lasting legacy. That legacy is at the heart of this Annual 5k. There has been an outpouring of sentiment, stories, and touching gestures surrounding the F2TF slogan and it has become a burning mission of Anything for a Friend to share Tyler’s message of fighting to the finish in a more powerful and widespread manner. There is a clear and simple connection between the FIGHT TO THE FINISH battle cry and the conflict waged in the middle of a run. Tyler understood that everyone’s fight was different, but we all had a conscious decision to make, to stand up and fight, or sit down while life passed before our eyes. Life is beautiful and life is difficult, the Anything for a Friend F2TF 5K is about a conscious choice to FIGHT and persevere through the difficult challenges of life. This 5K brings together the true champions who have fought, are fighting, or have painfully desired to fight for another. It is a hallowed expression about the undeniable resilience of the human spirit; of our irrefutable need to garner HOPE when hope and peace seem distant! Thank you Tyler for teaching us about the power of fighting through the hard. We honor you and our loved ones in the 6th Annual Anything for a Friend F2TF 5K by truly REMEMBERING!
7/28/2018 6:30 AM